Whatever industry your company is operating in, it is necessary to build the brand image in the right location and throughout the eyes of the public to support business strategies. Blue Regency has a team of specialized personnel to handle customer requirements, from effective branding planning to communication plans: • Press releases/press kits • Executive


Our responsibility is to create the resonance and necessary impact of each event by realizing creative ideas with perfect implementation. The ideas will have the opportunity to go beyond the framework of logistics services, the usual event equipment to “live” after each event, nurturing guest experiences with the brand. We will accompany our customers to


Experience and Ability

Blue Regency has elite staffs and human resources management positions with over 10 years experience and expertise background accumulated from management positions in Marketing field, Communication and hundreds of successful projects and diversified events. Youth and Trendiness are also an important aspect. The prove is we focus on recruiting young factors that gather quality, dedication

The synergy of event and communication

This is one of factors that make Blue Regency different from your other partners. Event organising and media are not just two separate aspect. Events will be approached with a media mindset and perspective, and media projects are supported by the capacity to deploy by offline channels. Besides, L.i.M Creative (a company in the same

Great networking

Blue Regency has facilities in 2 main markets: Headquarter in Hanoi and branch in Ho Chi Minh City. With its credibility, Blue Regency enjoys seamless collaboration with key partners and suppliers and a “freelance” team that can be flexibly mobilized for multiple projects as needed. We can say we “have” them “on the same boat”

Typical customers


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