THE ZEI – Official Sales Launch

THE ZEI – Official Sales Launch

Location: JW Marriott Hotel

Time: 18/5/2019

Scale: 350 people

Client: HD Mon Holdings

The official sale program of The Zei project is set up in a sophisticated and fully equipped space on the campus of JW Marriott Hotel. An event can be encapsulated in two words “professional” from preparation to the official date, everything is carefully selected and executed in the most subtle way.

With JW Marriott’s luxurious space, a suitable space enhances the level of the program and is accompanied by high-quality performances, carefully prepared details contribute to the smoothness of the program. The program brought the participants a sense of comfort and excitement with the sale of The Zei

This partnership with The Zei has brought Blue Regency a classy and quality experience like The Zei itself.